Tackle Enemy Hordes With Absurd Weapons At High Speeds In 99Floors



99Floors hurls players into combat that moves at a breakneck pace, tasking players with working through ninety-nine randomly generated floors of being rushed by skeletons, mowed down by hidden traps, and tossed down bottomless pits.


Players can select from one of eighteen unique heroes and set off into the dungeon, grabbing weapons and treasures they find along the way. The enemies don’t intend to just let the player take their stuff, though, and will strike back at high speeds and in great numbers. Players will need to hop around and stay mobile as enemies pour into each stage, forcing speedy combat. Players can attack in multiple directions and use some ridiculous weapons, such as a screen-length sword, to gain an advantage in the fight, though.

Despite handy weapons and quick attacks, the stakes are against the player. Many traps are hidden in each stage, enemy numbers are high, and each level can contain anything due to the random generation. The developer is aware of how highly challenging 99Floors is, and as such, is offering a mystery prize to the first person who records themselves beating it.


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Alistair Wong
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