Tactical RPG Neo Impossible Bosses Pits Players Against Constant MMO-Style Bosses


    Inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod ‘Impossible Bosses’, tactical RPG Neo Impossible Bosses pits players against an onslaught of powerful bosses with complex patterns and attacks, tasking them with controlling a party of heroes to overcome them.


    Players will control up to six heroes, each with their own attacks, tanking abilities, and heals, drawing from MMO-like abilities top give players many options in combat. These powers can be further enhanced with items, allowing players a degree of customization in how they handle the game’s constant boss fights. They also have access to a pause function when things get difficult, allowing them to take a moment to adjust their strategies and positions.

    The game’s fights have been designed around the high-stakes dangers and challenging attack patterns of an MMO boss battle. Players will need to take the time to learn the mechanics of each powerful creature, learning where and how they attack, as well as where to dodge, as each boss has its own complicated attack patterns to learn. Each boss has different tactics it can use depending on which difficulty level players challenge it at as well, although players can bring in online allies should a boss prove too hard. Should it seem too easy, an Ironman mode will end the game should players fail a single fight.


    Neo Impossible Bosses is set to release sometime in late 2017.

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