Tag Heuer Mario Kart Watch Costs Over $25,000


Renowned watch brand Tag Heuer has revealed two limited edition Mario Kart watches. Fittingly, they use the Formula 1 watch as a base. According to Tag Heuer’s website, the Formula 1 watches are a “motor-racing inspired collection for men and women who dare live life at full speed.” Well, that certainly describes all of the characters who appear in Mario Kart. [Thanks, Autoblog!]

The watches you can get for a limited time are the Formula 1 x Mario Kart Chronograph, or the Chronograph Tourbillon. The standard Chrono costs $4300 and the Tourbillon costs $25,000. This is because the Tourbillon uses grade 5 titanium whereas the Chrono uses steel. The Tourbillon will also have a more limited release. Whereas Tag Heuer will make 3000 units of the Chrono, it will only sell 250 units of the Tourbillon.

So how do the watches actually look? Though some video game collaboration merchandise take the discrete route, Tag Heuer makes these very obviously Mario. The Chronograph bears the Mario Kart logo, and Mario appears on the 9 o’clock permanent seconds indicator. The Tourbillon has a bright red M, as well as the Mario Kart logo. Inside of the Tourbillon, Mario, Bullet Bob, and a blue shell are constantly moving. As well, you can see Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach’s silhouettes through the sapphire case window on the back of the Tourbillon.

The Mario Kart watches are not available yet, but registering for the Chronograph’s early access is open until October 17, 2022. Early access will then start on October 20. More information will appear in the future for the Tourbillon.

Stephanie Liu
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