Tak Fujii Explains Gal Metal’s Unorthodox Way Of Scoring A Rhythm Session

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Recently, Gal Metal producer Tak Fujii talked to 4Gamer about the Nintendo Switch exclusive, explaining why he decided the rhythm game should have no notes on the screen.


4Gamer: Wouldn’t the game be very easy then?

Tak Fujii, producer: “That’s not it, it’s that the entire line of thinking on what is being tested is different from other rhythm games. In rhythm games, a lot of the time you ‘follow the map and input the key on time, or else you lose points’, but Gal Metal looks for the musical elements. It’s something like a classical musical competition in real life.”




4Gamer: Like a classical musical competition, you say?

Fujii: “For example, in a piano competition, playing all the notes correctly is taken for granted. People start with 100 marks, and from then on are judged based on their approach, their pauses, and other artistic elements. Gal Metal is a game that tries to bring that sort of thinking as a game.


As I mentioned earlier, we focused on letting players ad-lib and follow the flow, letting players upload their videos, maybe gain some laughs… Things that make a player feel proud of their performance.”


4Gamer: So even if you don’t score well, you still have fun.

Fujii: “Yes. If you just want to get the score, there are ‘HOT’ phrases throughout the session, that you can drum to get a higher score. But this game is about understanding the song, then drumming to your own interpretation.”



Fujii: “I may have exaggerated my playing for the camera. (laughs) But really, drum as you like. The difference in scoring represents the basics of drumming, so as you look for a way to raise the score, you naturally start to understand the drums. After you become able to clear it, try breaking away from the performance, and finding a cooler arrangement for yourself.”


Gal Metal is available for Nintendo Switch in Japan. It can also be found on the Japanese eShop.

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