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Take A Closer Look At Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance’s Dream Eaters


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We’ve covered the Dream Eaters in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance before. You’ll be able to recruit over 50 of these during the course of the game, and they provide Sora and Riku with additional abilities. Dream Eaters are divided into two types: Spirits and Nightmares. You can only recruit the Spirit-type.


We don’t know if all Dream Eaters have Spirit and Nightmaer variants, but some certainly do, as reported by Impress Watch. See how the look, compared to each other, with the Spirit type on top and Nightmare below it:


Wonder Nyan:


Kuma Panda:


Neko Cat:



Square have actually revealed more Nightmare types than Spirit types so far, some of which you can see below. Hopefully at least a couple of these Nightmare types will have Spirit variants as well:




Tyrant Rex:


Tatsu Horse:


Zou Elephant:


Dokudoku Lizard:


Mimi Bunny:


Ice Penguin:


Aura Lion:


This one’s a boss that you encounter in Traverse Town:



Speaking of which, the Traverse Town we’ve seen in the Kingdom Hearts games so far has had three districts. In Kingdom Hearts 3D, it has a fourth and fifth district as well. Traverse Town is also where you encounter Neku and co.


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