Take Big Weapons And Best Friends Into The Dark Caverns Of Last Refuge



Multiplayer action-RPG Last Refuge starts off with a bang—your spaceship explodes and you crash land on a foreign planet called Ratosk.


What ensues is an adventure in which you fight through randomly generated dungeons to explore the world underneath the surface. Monsters, materials, loot, and events are all dynamically generated each time you venture down.


When you’ve reached the furthest depth you can, you then head back to the surface to craft new weapons, armor, and items so that you may progress further next time.


You may also want to grab a friend or three, as you can have a party of four players co-operating with each other to fight through the hordes as you head downwards.


The video above shows off early footage of Last Refuge in action. It will be coming to PC in the second quarter of 2015. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman