Take Me Home Is About Protecting A Kidnapped Boy Without Controlling Him



Russian developer Gonagame Studio has announced survival adventure game Take Me Home. It plans to have it finished by September 1st 2015.


Take Me Home has you playing as the “big brother” of a young boy who has been kidnapped and is now lost. It takes place in the rural stretches of Sacramento, California, mostly during the night, it seems.


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Unusually, you don’t actually control the main character as your role as guardian is only to make sure he is safe by paving the way for him. To do this, you’ll have to manipulate parts of the environment. The boy will encounter packs of wolves and a farmer armed with a gun who kills anything that enters his fields, and many other dangers. As to how you’ll help the boy overcome these we’ll have to wait until the game is out to find out.


Alongside the announcement, Gonagame released a video that gives us the first glimpse at the game’s low-poly art style and menacing environments. You can find out more about Take Me Home here.

Chris Priestman