Nintendo 3DS

Take Your New LovePlus+ Ladies To Real-Life Hot Spots For Vacations


Earlier in the year, Konami announced the latest game in their LovePlus dating simulation series, New LovePlus+, which will feature new story scenarios and more places to travel. This week’s Famitsu magazine reports that some of the places you’ll get to travel and vacation at are actually famous real-life spots.


The magazine also reports that the special prize illustrations will be completely redrawn, and Konami have also made improvements to the game’s loading times, along with a revamp of its intimacy portions. Additionally, players that would like to revisit past events will be able to do so using the newly added time-shift feature.


If you happen to have a save data from New LovePlus or the original LovePlus on Nintendo DS, you’ll get to transfer it to New LovePlus+ to reunite with your digital significant other.


New LovePlus+ will be available Spring 2014, along with limited edition 3DS XLs.


[Note: The above image is from New LovePlus.]

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