Take On A Boss Battle At The End Of Each Mario Party 9 Stage


Mario Party 9 was originally revealed at E3 earlier in the year, but since then, Nintendo haven’t said much about the Wii game at all. This week, they sent out a few new screenshots and mentioned that it’s scheduled for a March 11th release.


As a first, Mario Party 9 ends each stage with a Boss Battle and all players have to cooperate to defeat the boss together. Bowser and King Boo are two of the bosses mentioned. Another first is riding vehicles together. You take turns as the captain of the vehicle by hitting dice blocks to move forward. Each stage also has multiple paths. Toad Road and Boo’s Horror Castle are two of the game’s stages.


Wonder who’s developing Mario Party 9? Nd Cube, a Nintendo subsidiary originally founded in the year 2000 as a joint venture with advertising firm Dentsu, are the developer. Nd Cube is also home to several employees who worked on the previous Mario Party titles at Hudson. The company was absorbed by Nintendo as a wholly-owned division last year, and worked on Wii Party.




Ishaan Sahdev
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