Take Part In Taiko Drumming, Karaoke, & Sumo Mini Games In Mineko’s Night Market


Mineko’s Night Market will offer a variety of minigames with its weekly markets, letting players experience a slice of Japanese culture as they live out their lives, find new art and items to sell in their market stall, and make friends.


Players act as Mineko, a girl who finds herself in a Japanese town overrun by cats and superstition. In order to support herself there, she’ll have to find various goods she can make and sell in the game’s weekly market. There’s more to life here than just financial gain, though, as Mineko can make friends with the local people, visit various locations around town, or savor the various changes each season brings to the people and activities available to her.

Should Mineko do well in her sales, the market will grow, bringing in new characters for her to meet. The extra money can also go toward buying special food and collectible items from the other vendors, or cover the cost of entry to some minigames that will let her star in a Kabuki play, sing karaoke, practice taiko drumming, pretend to be a sumo wrestler, and play through more activities drawn from Japanese culture.


Players are free to tackle the game however they choose, whether they wish to push themselves to make money by doing well at the market, or they can just explore the island and meet new friends (and tons of cats).

Mineko’s Night Market is due to release through Humble Bundle sometime in 2018.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!