Take A Tour Of Freedom Wars’ Not-So-Luxurious Prison

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We know that you’ll be playing as a “Prisoner” in Freedom Wars, serving a million-year sentence, and fighting giant mechanical beasts to chip away at those years. You might be wondering what your character does when they’re not in action. Famitsu.com gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the prison in that regard.


First stop, is the solitary cell, a private room that was generously provided by the capital Panopticon, where you, the prisoner, will appropriately be serving time. Since prisoners spend their entire lives under supervision, along with “Accessory” android partners, they pretty much don’t have any privacy whatsoever.


Next up is a prison division called “Low Street,” a wide area that connects the solitary cells. Prisoners who get to have the luxury of stepping outside their cells consider it to be a relaxing area, but they’re not even allowed to whisper while being outdoors.


The entire structure has been designed to make it possible to thoroughly survey every nook and cranny of the area.


Finally, here’s a look at a couple new Freedom Wars characters:


Natalia “9” Woo


Natalia is the captain of the public defense investigation committee from the 35th security station, a law and order enforcer of Panotpicon. Due to her passion for wanting to defend her friends and the Panopticon, she can go a little overboard at times.


Mathias “Leo” Bruno


Mathias is a new prisoner who grows fond of the protagonist, with whom he finds himself in a similar situation. At times he’ll help out and other times he’ll show up for consultation. He used to be quite the mischievous character in the past, but he’s a caring friend with an honest personality.


Freedom Wars is slated for release in 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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