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Take A Tour Of Luminous Arc Infinity’s Floating City, Floatia



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Marvelous’ upcoming strategy RPG, Luminous Arc Infinity, features song magic and various heroines to befriend and take into action. The official website takes us on a tour of the game’s base of operations, known as the floating city of Floatia.


Control Room:


world_inside_ss_1-1 world_inside_ss_1-2

The control room is what controls all of Floatia. It’s also where you can check out the giant “Lapis Spring,” which produces water.




world_inside_ss_2-1 world_inside_ss_2-2

The spring water that comes out of the Lapis Spring is seen flowing in the Corridors. The rooms of the heroines are also lined up in this area.


Dining Hall:

world_inside_ss_3-1 world_inside_ss_3-2

A clean dining area, where you can go to eat Aqua’s everyday cooking. It’s a large area and there aren’t too many people eating there, so something always feels missing here.


Power Room:

world_inside_ss_4-1 world_inside_ss_4-2

As the name implies, the Power Room is what keeps Floatia running, or floating, and it is powered by the “Gravity Lapis”.



world_inside_ss_5-1 world_inside_ss_5-2

An outdoor area of Floatia, where you can go to feel the wind and sun, along with the singing birds. It’s the best area where you can get close to nature in order to relax.



world_inside_ss_6-1 world_inside_ss_6-2

The area that’s located in the middle of Floatia. While its size might not be as grand as those seen in other countries, it’s second to none when it comes to beauty. This is also where the “Poetic Ceremony” takes place, which fills the Lapis Spring with magic power.



world_inside_ss_7-1 world_inside_ss_7-2

Filled with excessive amount of water, pools are considered a precious luxury in the world of Luminous Arc Infinity. When visiting other places, it’s what most people look forward to seeing.


Luminous Arc Infinity will release in Japan on August 6, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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