Take A Tour Of New Los Angeles, Your Home In Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Monolith Soft and Nintendo showed off the latest gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X today, focusing on the look of the game’s world. At the start of the live stream, they showed off some of the key areas in New Los Angeles, often abbreviated within the game as NLA.



Not much is known about Xenoblade Chronicles X’s planet Mira, so NLA is basically the only safe haven that allows mankind to sit back and relax as they continue living their everyday lives.


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Near the entrance is the industrial area of NLA, where BLADE create the latest tech and mech-like weapons, Dolls, which are piloted by humans. The area is also used for making food for its citizens, and is basically filled with different factories used to help the lives of NLA citizens.


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The commercial area has everything from various shops, cafes, and restaurants. It was made as a district that allows the citizens of NLA to sit back and relax, and it kind of brings back feelings from the way things were back on Earth.


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The residential area is where the NLA citizens have their homes. Similar to the commerce area, it looks quite similar to places on Earth, which gives a more homely feeling, where the citizens can all feel safe and at-home.


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Finally, the BLADE area is the heart of NLA, and it’s the center of the private military organization that is known as BLADE. This is where members gather, give and accept quests, and so on.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in Japan on April 29, 2015 for the Wii U.

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