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Take Your Gods Eater Burst Equipment Into God Eater 2 Through Data Transfer


    This week’s issue of Famitsu reveals that God Eater 2 will support data transfer from Gods Eater Burst, allowing you to take items with you into the next Aragami-slaying adventure.


    (For Vita, we’ve previously also reported a UMD passport feature, which will come into play for those that have played Gods Eater Burst through UMD on the PSP. Also, note that the download version of Gods Eater Burst on PlayStation Vita can only transfer data to the Vita version of God Eater 2.)


    When starting a new game in God Eater 2, you’ll have the option to check the conditions of how many items you’ll be able to take from Gods Eater Burst. However, it will still require you to make a new character.


    The amount of items you’ll be able to take to God Eater 2 will vary according to how much you’ve played before. Basically, the more you’ve played the previous title, the more items you’ll be able to take with you. There are conditions from your previous play through that will determine how many items you’ll be able to take, such as technique and multiplayer stats. For example, the amount of times you’ve finished a mission with an SSS rank or for every 1,000 enemies consumed with your God Arc, you’ll be allowed to take one item.


    The items you’ll be able to transfer over are: blades, guns and armor. Some of the stats and skills of the equipment may also be changed accordingly.


    God Eater 2 is slated to be released for PSP and PlayStation Vita in 2013.


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