Takeshi’s Challenge Headed To Smartphones With New Elements And Stage On August 15 In Japan



The legendary “kusogeTakeshi’s Challenge, or Takeshi no Chosenjo, that was made by comedian-turned actor and director Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi), is headed to smartphones in Japan on August 15.


Takeshi’s Challenge, was originally planned out as a Famicom version of Kitano’s TV show Takeshi’s Castle, but ended up becoming a side-scrolling game after Beat Takeshi contacted the developers to share his ideas for the game.


The game allowed players to speak with various people and shop-owners in the game, as well as the option to actually attack the NPCs, which kind of made it like the Grand Theft Auto game at the time. Since the game’s release in December of 1986, it has been crowned as the #1 kusoge of all time with Famitsu.


Here’s what’s new for the upcoming smartphone version:

  • 16:9 widescreen support.


  • New stage “America” added. You access America via the “New Narita Airport,” and will get to visit Broadway as well as a tower where many famous celebs live. It features new tracks by Taito’s sound team Zuntata. There’s also someone very famous you might be able to meet by reaching the top of the tower.


  • New element “Hintabo Language Official Approval” added. This item allows you to go from grade 1 to grade 10 of the language that appears in the game, Hintabo. Its results can then be shared via social media.


  • More new elements.


taito_classics_takeshi_08 taito_classics_takeshi_07

taito_classics_takeshi_05 taito_classics_takeshi_06


Takeshi’s Challenge will release in Japan on August 15 for 840 yen on iOS and Android.

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