Tales of Crestoria 2 Million Download Campaign Includes a 10x SSR Guaranteed Summon Banner

Tales of Crestoria Guaranteed SSR 2 Million Downloads

To celebrate Tales of Crestoria reaching 2 million downloads, another celebration campaign is currently underway. This includes one 10x summon with a guaranteed SSR Memoria stone. Additional rewards include a login bonus totaling 2,400 gleamstones and an SR+ summon ticket. Players will be able to redeem these rewards until October 22, 2020.

In order to receive the SR+ Summon ticket, and the accompanying rewards of an Attack Stone and Attachment Ticket, players will need to participate in the 2 Million Downloads missions. After completion, players will receive the mentioned rewards.

In regards to the 10x SSR Guaranteed Summon banner in Tales of Crestoria, only specific characters are part of this draw pool. This does not include limited EX Summons such as Dhaos or the Fire-Type Leon variant previously made available. However, Dhaos has returned to the EX Summon Banner once again, but only for a limited time.

Tales of Crestoria had a similar campaign to celebrate 1 million downloads. This included a 10x guaranteed summon banner as well as other, limited time exclusive rewards. It should be mentioned that the 2 Million Download Celebration Guaranteed SSR Banner in Tales of Crestoria is limited to one draw per player and costs 2,500 gleamstones.

Tales of Crestoria is immediately available for iOS and Android devices.

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