Tales of Crestoria Explains The Invocation Of Blood Sins And Kanata’s Meeting With Vicious

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Tales of Crestoria’s official website for its Western release has been updated with new information on how Blood Sins become able to be manifested as weapons, as well as an updated ‘Story’ section that provides more info on how Kanata and Misella come to travel with Vicious.


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In Kanata’s world, all citizens must wear “vision orbs” that allow them to be condemned by popular vote if they commit a crime. Kanata is the only son of a respected village leader who runs an orphanage, and has begun to harbor feelings for Misella, a girl in his care.


One fateful night, tragedy befalls Misella, and Kanata commits a grave crime in order to save her. In her zeal to protect Kanata from the consequences, Misella ends up with blood on her own hands. Caught in the act by their vision orbs, both are judged to be “transgressors” by their fellow citizens, and “enforcers” are dispatched to punish them.


As they flee for their lives, they meet the notorious Vicious, a man known worldwide as “The Great Transgressor”. He offers them a choice:


“Own your sin, or let it own you.”


Kanata and Misella decide to face up to what they’ve done, and fight for their lives while bearing the weight of their crimes. Now able to tap into the power of their “blood sins”, the two accompany Vicious on a quest to find respite from a world that wants them erased.


Invocation of Blood Sins

blood sin


There are three stages to gaining the ability to use a weapon formed from Blood Sins. First, you must have a Stain of Guilt that marks the person as a transgressor, and marks the person as a target for enforcers. After Vicious gives his blessing to someone who is ready to burden the weight of their crime, the Stain of Guilt transforms into a new red mark called the Stain of Blood Sin. Once the person fully accepts their sin, they are finally able to manifest a weapon by drawing it out of a magic seal that appears over the Stain of Blood Sin.


Tales of Crestoria releases in 2019 for iOS and Android. We previously got a new concept movie from the Japanese side that shows off some familiar faces in combat here.

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