Tales of Crestoria Misella Trailer Shows Her Devotion to Kanata

tales of crestoria misella

With a Tales of Crestoria closed beta coming in May 2020 and the full release in June 2020, Bandai Namco has ramped up introductions to some of the mobile RPG’s leads. The latest one in the spotlight is the lead heroine. A new Tales of Crestoria Misella trailer focuses entirely on the orphan who has grown up alongside Kanata and is so dedicated to him, she’s willing to herself be branded as a criminal so he could be free and safe.

The new Tales of Crestoria Misella trailer was shared via the official Twitter account and features plenty of voiced lines from Yui Ishikawa that help connect players to her personality and mindset. (If she sounds familiar, it is because she also voiced NieR Automata’s 2B and Attack on Titan’s Mikasa.) She expresses her thankfulness and devotion to Kanata, due to her feeling she owes him her life. She considers him being labeled as a sinner her own fault. Most notably, she says, “If I’m the criminal, you can be free.”

Tales of Crestoria Misella (CV: Yui Ishikawa)

Character Designer: Mutsumi Inomata

As the official website notes, her Blood Sin is Annihilation Flame. Also, while she knows both her and Kanata owes “The Great Transgressor” Vicious their lives, she “despises” him for his influence on Kanata.

Here are a few extra images from the official website looking at the Tales of Crestoria Misella character art and in-game models.

This is actually the second recent Tales of Crestoria character trailer. A new one looked more closely at Kanata Hjuger, the main character whose Blood Sin is the Patricidal Edge.

Tales of Crestoria will come to Android and Apple iOS devices in June 2020, though Bandai Namco did acknowledge that it could be delayed further due to the pandemic.

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