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Tales of Eternia Code to Change the Color of Quickie Revealed After 24 Years

The Tales of the Rays Twitter account has revealed a hidden code that you can use to change the color of Quickie in the PS version of Tales of Eternia. Some people in the comments have revealed that it works and turns Quickie yellow.

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You can see the code for Tales of Eternia on the Tales of the Rays Twitter account. According to the post, someone who worked on developing Tales of Eternia showed it to them. You can input the code by going into the menu for Tales of Eternia and picking custom. Then, you can change Quickie’s color by setting it to Red 254, Green 254, Blue 54. It’s unclear if you can do this with other shades or if it’s set to this particular code.

Here is a picture from Twitter user “pipiyo4193,” who actually tried it and replied to the original post.

This code was unknown to players until now. So no one ever discovered it even after 24 years. Even when looking up this trick, all of the results are from today. Walkthrough sites in Japanese do not talk about this code either.

Tales of Eternia came out in 2000 and was the third mainline title of the Tales series. It follows a boy named Reid Hershel who’s trying to prevent the Grand Fall, which is an apocalyptic event in which his planet Infernia crashes into Meredy’s planet Celestia. Meredy is the owner and friend of Quickie. Quickie looks like a mix between a squirrel and a rabbit, and serves as a mascot for the game.

Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny 2 when it originally came out in North America) is only available on the PlayStation and the PlayStation Portable.

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