Tales Of Link Shares Its Story And A Look At Four Key Characters

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Namco Bandai recently opened a teaser site for their upcoming smartphone title Tales of Link, which reads, “When disaster falls from the heavens to the earth, hope also springs from the ground.” Gamer.ne.jp introduces us to the game’s story, along with a look at four key characters.


The World of Remaining Myths — Liafys


The gods of the heavens have continually watched over the people of the land, while maintaining peace. However, one day, this peace would crumble. An unknown being had entered the heavens’ shrine, and destroyed the seal.


The “Seed of Disaster,” which was originally sealed, has thrust through the body of the gods, and scattered them from the heavens to different parts of the world.


One young girl and a fairy, along with her comrades, will start their journey to seal the seed, once again.




A young swordsman who is on the journey to purify the Seed of Disaster.




Sara is a new adventurer who left her village for a certain reason.




A fairy who serves the goddess Leone.




Leone is a holy goddess with a calm demeanor.


You can check out our earlier report for more details on the above characters.


Tales of Link is scheduled for release this fall on smartphone devices.

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