Tales of Series 25th Anniversary Live Stream Announced; Fan Survey Asks About Remakes

Tales of Series 25th Anniversary

Bandai Namco has announced that it will host a special live stream for the Tales of series’ 25th anniversary. Fans of the series will get to check out the special broadcast on YouTube and Periscope.

A date for the live stream has yet to be announced, but the actual 25th anniversary of the Tales of series falls on December 15, 2020, so we might get something around then. We’ll hear from various producers and developers who worked on Tales of games in the past during the broadcast. The creators will talk about behind-the-scenes stories and episodes. The guest developers will also check out survey results and answer questions from fans. Additionally, we’ll get the latest information on the Tales of mobile games, events, and more.

The fan survey is only available in Japanese, but you can check it out here. Question #5 asks which Tales of game would you like to play on the latest hardware as a port, remaster, or remake. The options for this question include practically every Tales of game to date. The survey also asks about your favorite character for question #6 and favorite villain for question #7, so we can expect to hear more about that during the Tales of series 25th anniversary live stream.

In case you missed it, Bandai Namco recently trademarked Tales of Luminaria in Japan and Europe.

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