Tales of Vesperia Novel Depicts Yuri And Flynn’s Childhood Stories



Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo fought for justice together in Tales of Vesperia, but both characters have their own set of ideals. Bandai Namco shares more on a new voiced-novel series that is currently in the works, which depicts their earlier days, when things were simple and friendlier (well, not at first!) for the two.


The story of Tales of Vesperia: Genealogy of the Condemned takes place at a poor Lower Quarter area of the Capital during the childhood of Yuri and Flynn, back when they were good buddies.



In the Lower Quarter, children and adults helped each other out at all times, regardless of all the difficult situations they found themselves in, and Hanks took good care of the kids.


One day, a young boy with blonde hair appeared from the other side of the castle walls. His name was Flynn Scifo, and his voice was cold and firm when he said, “this has nothing to do with me…”


This is how the two young boys met—one who never held a sword before, and another who lost his sword, as the two collided, and stirred up the Lower Quarter.


As the world continued to spread out for the two, there was a wall of reality that stood in their way. Just how did the two overcome this obstacle?


The voiced novel will be split into multiple parts, with the first part called “One Encounter, Sword of Two” and will feature all the original voices from the game. It is also being written by Tales of Vesperia writer Takaaki Okuda, who has written other novels such as Tales of Vesperia: Empty Mask, which depicted Raven’s past.


Tales of Vesperia: Genealogy of the Condemned’s first part is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

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