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Tales of the World: Reve Unitia’s First Wave Of DLC Adds A Comical Scenario



Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, the Tales spin-off title that brought characters from different games into a strategy RPG, was released recently in Japan, and the game’s first batch of DLC adds some fun content for fans of the series. Famitsu shares more on what’s included.


The main attraction from the set of DLC is called the “Gift from a Strange Dream”. A mysterious package suddenly showed up in Lufres, which contained strange clothes and a hat inside, which reeked of Vule.


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In order to protect the town from danger, the characters will have to step up to the challenge behind the mystery. While it sounds pretty serious, the scenario is said to be a comical one, which also includes a special event illustration map.


The report also notes that these events aren’t fully-voiced, and you’ll need to advance through a certain part of the game in order to take on the DLC event. It’ll cost 432 yen for the scenario alone. The following characters have a role in the story: Lloyd Irving, Luke fone Fabre, Tear Grants, Guy Cecil, Flynn Scifo, Asbel Lhant, and Sophie.


Additionally, there are also DLC with maps that help level your characters, one for the early stages of the game, which will be free until November 6, and 270 yen after.


The other one will have a map that helps you level mid-level characters for 387 yen, and finally, one that is used to help raise GALD for 387 yen.

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