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Tales of Zestiria Introduces A Lone Wolf Seraph And A Psychotic Assassin



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Most of the characters introduced in Tales of Zestiria are good guys (except for Zaveid, who we’re still uncertain about), but the latest character introduced in this week’s issue of Jump magazine is certainly a villain who looks like he’ll be up to no good. [Thanks, @Kazu4281.]



Judging by the katakana, the new character in question is named Renard (or Lunaire, but we’ll likely get something completely different later on) and is described as “a new shadow that will creep up on Sorey and the others”.


He is quoted as saying: “Are you going to make me spell it out for you…? That I want to devour you.”


Renard is a cold-blooded assassin, with an ominous aura surrounding him. He’s also part of a dark guild called the “Bone of Wind”.


Additionally the magazine report also reveals a new female character named Simon (shown on the upper-left part of the scan) who seems to be a lone wolf Seraph with no intention of following the Monk, Sorey; however, it seems like she’ll be around to provoke Sorey during his journey.


More details on the new characters will be revealed in the near future.


Tales of Zestiria is slated for release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for PlayStation 3.

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