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Tales of Zestiria Producer On The Situation With Alisha



After Bandai Namco announced an upcoming DLC episode for Tales of Zestiria heroine, Alisha, fans were rather upset as they felt that the publisher had held her presence back in the main game so they could release her as content you would need to pay for separately. Producer Hideo Baba shared his thoughts on the matter at the Taipei Game Show, Taiwanese website GNN reports.


In case you haven’t kept up, the gist of the story so far is that Alisha was introduced months ago as the heroine of Tales of Zestiria. Only, early on in the game, she abruptly leaves your party and is replaced by another character. The other party members don’t seem to miss Alisha either, and if you want to see her again, you need to purchase a separate DLC episode that features her in her own story.


After the main event where Bandai Namco presented Tales of Zestiria, interviewers waited for series producer Hideo Baba, and wasted little time in asking him the question that Alisha fans have had on their minds all week. At the event, Baba was immediately met with the following question: “Alisha, whom we all thought would be the heroine from the early stages, leaves the party right away, and you can no longer play as her any more. How did that happen?”


According to GNN’s report, Baba smiled wryly and responded that this is the question fans have been asking him these past few days.


“We announced characters in the order that they appear in the game, so we, at Bandai Namco, never decided on who the [main] heroine is, and left it up to fans to decide for themselves,” he stated.


Following the announcement of the “Alisha After Episode” DLC, Bandai Namco tweeted that it will be available for free from February 12th—28th, in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary and to celebrate the game having shipped over 400,000 copies in Japan thus far.


Photograph and report courtesy, via Hachima Kiko


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