Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden

Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden Will Bring the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Version Westward

Another one of the more elaborate Tamagotchi models will be released outside of Japan. This time, it is the more elaborate Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden variant of the Fairy and Magic models. It contains elements from the Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy model, which was released in Japan in July 2019. Preorders for the $59.99 device are open now, and it will be available in stores on July 26, 2020.

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The Tamagotchi On line are currently the most advanced models available worldwide. Each one allows a player to care for virtual pets in their home, but also unlock and visit virtual locations. Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden is notable for adding new places to visit not available in the previous models and multiple version-exclusive characters to marry. You can also change characters’ colors in-game, buy them different toys and movies, get them their own pets, and play different minigames. The new ones here are a logic puzzle called Library, in which you have to remember how many books haven’t been returned, and Dressmaker, where you button-mash to sew a dress.

One of the draws with the Tamagotchi On line is the ability to basically build a dynasty. While you start with a basic character, you can marry them off to the characters in your game, the ones from other Tamagotchi On models over infrared, or characters online through the mobile app via Bluetooth connectivity. You can keep track of a character’s full family tree in the app and the level of care you provide as a character grows determines the different genetics that will be passed on to the next generation. (For example, fullness and happiness could determine if the father or mother’s traits will be dominant in the child.)

Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden will be available in North America on July 26, 2020. Lavender and teal models will be available. Other recent released include the Pac-Man Tamagotchi in North America and the Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi in Japan.

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