Tame, Feed, & Raise Any Monster In JRPG Legend Of Lumina




Any monster, from the smallest creature to the biggest boss, can be tamed and made to work for the player in JRPG Legend of Lumina.




Tamed monsters can be fed certain types of food to help them get stronger, raising them through three stages of growth. Tamed monsters can also be ridden into combat as a mount, where they are still able to use all of their unique abilities and attacks.




Players will be able to grow their own food to feed the monsters through gardening. They’ll also be able to hunt, fish, and cook to create other types of food. When not working on food, players will also be able to mine, hunt down treasures and bounties, and expand the city they live in.




Legend of Lumina is still early in development. A Kickstarter is planned for the coming months.

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