Tangledeep – A Roguelike RPG Where You Can Mix And Match Abilities From Different Jobs



Tangledeep offers players twelve different jobs they can use to tackle its randomly generated dungeons and monsters, but they don’t have to stick to those rigid classes. Players are free to pull abilities from each over time, though, creating their own custom characters to achieve victory.




Tangledeep is a roguelike RPG where players seek to find a long-lost world, one whose entrance lies deep within the ever-shifting dungeon, Tangledeep. Various characters will strive to reach the end of the labyrinthine place, but few will survive its deadly combat and unpredictable nature.


Players will be able to choose from twelve different classes like the sneaky Brigand, the bow and trap using Hunter, the customizable spell-casting Spellshaper, and more. These characters all have useful powers for turn-based combat, but players can also choose to draw abilities from other classes and add them onto their own customizable character, creating useful mixtures that may give them an edge based on their playing style.




Players will also find weapons and items that can help them survive deep within the dungeon. As the roguelike nature of the game means that it will be very challenging, though, players can store some of these items with the Banker character, letting them use them again on repeat playthroughs.


A great deal of focus has gone into the music, as the developer, Zircon, is a composer who has worked on remixes for Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario RPG, and more on OCRemix. The developer is also seeking guest composers like Secret of Mana’s Hiroki Kikuta for other songs for the soundtrack.




Tangledeep has already raised enough funds on Kickstarter to achieve funding, as is currently working towards various stretch goals. A demo is also available to download from the funding campaign.

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