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Tanjiro & Nezuko Are Ready To Roll In Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kepputan

Demon Slayer Hinokami Kepputan Tanjiro

Aniplex and CyberConnect2 have published new Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kepputan screenshots featuring the Kamado siblings—Tanjiro and Nezuko—as the first two playable characters available in the game’s Versus Mode. [Thanks, PlayStation.Blog Japan!]

The characters’ moves in this upcoming arena fighter will be faithfully based on their manga and anime depictions. Tanjiro will use water-based attacks he learned from Sakonji, while Nezuko will unleash her demon powers.

CyberConnect2 also revealed key character visuals for Tanjiro and Nezuko. While it t may be hard to believe that they weren’t manually drawn at the first glance. The characters and effects in the key visuals were actually made with 3D models.

Aniplex uploaded personal character trailers of Tanjiro and Nezuko on its YouTube channel. However, the entire channel is region-locked to Japan only. On February 14, 2021, the first live gameplay footage of Hinokami Kepputan‘s Versus Mode was shown at the Demon Slayer anime second-anniversary program on Abema TV. Unfortunately, this was also region-locked to Japan. Recordings of the footage have been made available to watch everywhere else worldwide. The footage confirmed not only Tanjiro and Nezuko but also Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Giyu in the playable roster.

Demon Slayer: Hinokami Kepputan will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021. The game is currently being developed by CyberConnect2, which also previously worked on Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games.

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