Nintendo 3DS

Tank Troopers, The Third-Person Tank Shooter Game Is Now Available On 3DS eShop



Nintendo released their latest eShop title, Tank Troopers, a third-person tank action shooter that features 6-player tank warfare and plenty of custom tanks to check out.


Tank Troopers has a single-player mode with 30 stages that require all kinds of strategies and tank maneuvers to take on. These stages have various challenges such as giant tank enemies and more that you’ll have to take out with your own custom tank


With over 30 custom tanks with unique stats, the game offers plenty of play styles for everyone, and you can check out more on the 13 playable characters in our earlier report.


Additionally, GameXplain put together a lengthy footage that shows us everything we need to know about the game, which you can check out in the above video.


Tank Troopers is now available in North America and Europe for $7.99 for 3DS through the Nintendo eShop. Its file size is 1,240 blocks, so roughly 150MB.

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