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Tasukete Tako-San Is A Retro Platformer Starring An Octopus With Many Hats



Christophe Galati has released a new story trailer for his retro-style action-platformer Tasukete Tako-San: Save me Mr Tako to mark it having been one year since he started working on the game.


As you’ll see in the trailer above, the story involves Mr. Tako, an octopus who resists fighting in the on-going war between humans and octopi in order to save a fairy that would have been killed in the crossfire. In exchange, the fairy grants Mr. Tako the ability to breathe out of water, allowing him to explore the human world on the land. But to keep up this ability Mr. Tako has to promise to not hate a human.


Along his journey, Mr. Tako gains powers by wearing different hats, which is another aspect the trailer highlights. Currently there are 35 hats and, therefore, 35 different powers to obtain in the game. The plan is to have 50. Being a tribute to the Game Boy, the hats in the game reference various other Nintendo games, including Zelda as you can see with the sword and shield octopus in the center of the image above.


Taskuete Tako-San will be coming to PC and Wii U once it’s finished. There’s an old demo you can download still, but it only contains the Runner mode – the final version of the game will have a Story mode and a Multiplayer mode (co-op with up to four friends, and a versus Arena Battle in which you fight with octopi powers).

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