tecmob.jpgJust when I thought Electronic Arts had a monopoly on football games Tecmo is dusting off their football series. While it’s been many, many years since the original Tecmo Bowl has been ported to mobile phones and made an appearance on the Virtual Console. The new Nintendo DS game, Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, sounds quite different from the original from the since Tecmo emphasizes “super abilities” and “cut-scenes” that show off “dramatic presentation of plays.”


With features like these Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff sounds more like Eyeshield 21 instead of an arcade style football simulator.


Also unlike the original you won’t be able to play actual NFL teams in Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, but you can probably create them. The game offers customizable teams where you can choose team colors, emblems, player names, cities and abilities. This is a pretty clever tactic to sidestep EA’s exclusive license. Kudos go to Tecmo for thinking outside of the box.


Images courtesy of Tecmo.

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