koeit A real Dead Fantasy is off the table. Tecmo who has been aggressively showcasing their upcoming games in North America and Japan for the past few days is saying no to Square Enix’s friendly proposal. Instead Tecmo is courting Koei, the creators of the never ending Dynasty Warriors series and other tactical action games. Tecmo believes they have brand recognition in the West thanks in part to Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive in addition to adventure games, and a good Pachislot business in Japan. Koei is popular in Japan with their tactical action games, otome (Women’s games), and online games in Asia. Together they can compliment each other on a global basis.


Temco’s proposal is to merge management through an “integrated administration committee” to make both companies more competitive. This news comes shortly after Tecmo rejected Square Enix’s offer with an official statement.


Images courtesy of Tecmo and Koei.

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