Teddie Teaches The Basics On How To Play Persona 4: Dancing All Night

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We’ve already seen several characters grooving and busting moves in Persona 4: Dancing All Night, but this time, we get a little lesson from Teddie with part 1 of the game’s how-to-play tutorial videos.



The video starts out with Teddie sharing the most basic of basics, with a look at how you’ll press buttons and time them along with the notes that appear and move from the center of the screen.



Next, he shows us a look at the “Scratch” mechanic. Basically, it happens when you see a blue ring appear from the center, and you’ll have to tapping the analog stick left or right when it aligns with the yellow circle with the buttons.


Once you get it, it’ll imitate the sound of a DJ “scratching” his turntable to give you extra points; however, you don’t need to worry if you miss, as this is a bonus segment and you won’t get any penalties for failing it.



You’ll occasionally see the “Fever Rings” appear during a Scratch. If you fill up the meter by hitting the Fever Rings, you’ll enter a special “Fever Stage”. While we still don’t know what happens once a stage goes into Fever mode, Teddie says all kinds of good things, so let’s just take his word on that for now.



Finally, he shows us a look at the  Groovy Gauge, indicated on the top part of the screen. This shows how much the audience is digging the groove, but it also indicates when their tension is low when it goes red, meaning you’re also in danger of the stage ending earlier.



In order to actually clear the stage, you’ll need to end it with green or yellow icons, showing that they’re really into the groove. Teddie says that there’s also another something special if you can get the audience to go into a Fever mode, but that’ll be a surprise for the time being.



 p4d-tokuten_150313-2 p4d-tokuten_150313-3

Additionally, here’s a look at some exclusive costumes that you can get from purchasing the game at online retailers Loppi/HMV.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night is slated for release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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