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Teddy Together Series’ New Game Neko Tomo Gets A First Look With Trailers And Screenshots



The Teddy Together series is getting a new game and this time it stars cats in a title called Neko Tomo for Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Bandai Namco shared a first look with a couple trailers and screenshots.


Here’s a teaser trailer that gives us a first look at Neko Tomo and the two kitty buddies you’ll meet in the game.


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Neko Tomo is a game where you communicate with two cats, Nekoko and Tomomo.  You’ll teach them words and they’ll also use the words they learn as part of everyday communication.



By speaking to them regularly, Nekoko and Tomomo learn more words, and you’ll get to play with them as part of their “cat life” happy family.



The Taiko no Tatsujin collaboration will bring colors themed after Donchan and Kacchan for the two cats. Going the other way is the Neko Tomo theme song called “Honwaka Kazoku ~Neko Tomo no Uta~” which will be available on Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version!.


You can check out the theme song below:



Neko Tomo releases for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Japan in 2018.

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