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Tehom Weakness and Boss Fight Guide SMTV Vengeance

Tehom is one of the final bosses players will face off against in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance. As such, this is also one of the most confusing and challenging bosses in the entire JRPG. But we have your back with this Tehom fight, including its weaknesses, and how to defeat it in SMTV Vengeance with ease.

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What Is Tehom’s Weakness in SMTV Vengeance?

Tehom’s weakness is one of the most complex parts about this boss fight. As you know, weaknesses are essential to winning any fight. You use the right skill to take advantage of a weakness, and you earn an extra turn through the Press Turn system. Here are the weaknesses Tehom has at the start of the boss fight:

  • Fire: Weak
  • Ice: Weak
  • Electric: Weak
  • Wind: Weak
  • Light: Weak
  • Dark: Weak
Tehom weakness boss fight SMTV Vengeance
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How to Beat Tehom in SMTV Vengeance

As you can see by the weaknesses above, Tehom is basically weak to everything in SMTV Vengeance except physical attacks. This sounds really good at first but there is a problem. You see, at the start of every turn Tehom has, it will change any weakness you hit on the previous turn to now drain.

The only time it goes back to normal is when Tehom uses its Inception of Chaos Magatsuhi Skill. This fight is pretty easy if you get around this issue, especially compared to the last couple of boss fights you did. The goal is to take advantage of one weakness per turn.

For instance, have all of your characters use fire skills in the Agi line or use a fire item for one turn. Then, on the next turn, switch to ice skills, then electric on the next, and so on. If you keep this up, you will not even have enough turns to cycle through all elements before Tehom resets them with Inception of Chaos.

The other key point is that Tehom has access to every single element. So, you want no weaknesses whatsoever on your team. Make sure to use demon essences to remove any weaknesses. And the more resistances, the better. But, in general, as long as you can survive Inception of Chaos, this is going to be a lengthy but easily winnable boss fight if you follow the formula above.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is available right now for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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