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Tekken 7’s 5 Million Units Shipped Celebrated With Artwork Update; Tekken Series Reaches 49 Million

Tekken 7 Reaches 5 Million, Series 49 Million, commemorative artwork

Last week we learned that Tekken 7 reached 5 million units in global shipments and we now have its commemorative artwork as promised by producer Katsuhiro Harada.

Check out a tweet from producer Harada who shared a look at the artwork and confirmation message:

As we’ve seen with the past commemorative illustrations, it’s been updated with Tekken 7‘s new characters. You can check out the artwork for the last two milestones with four million in July 2019 and three million back in October 2018. Tekken 7 achieved the five million units milestone in December 2019 according to Harada.

The series now sits at 49 million units, so we can expect something special from Bandai Namco once it hits the big 50 and it could very well reach the milestone within 2020.

Tekken 7s shipment numbers aren’t the only impressive thing going for it, as it has been seeing great viewership. While Street Fighter dominated viewership numbers at EVO tournaments in the past, Tekken 7 has been on top more recently. Read more details on that in our previous report.

Tekken 7 first released for arcades in March 2015. It followed with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions in June 2017.

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