Tekken 7 Gives Us An Overview Trailer For Its Main Features Ahead Of Its Release

Tekken 7 is releasing on consoles and PC at the end of this week, and Bandai Namco put together a features overview trailer that shows us everything we need to know for the upcoming fighter.

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The video starts out with a look at the new “Rage Art,” armored special moves that can be unleashed while in Rage to do massive damage and turn the tide of battle. “Rage Drive,” on the other hand, is a more tactical character-specific special move, and it’s also unique to each character.


Next, we have the “Power Crush,” an armored move that allows you to power through enemy attacks and shift momentum in your favor. The battles also feature slow-motion sequences for decisive moments to make things more exciting on a visual level. Tekken 7 offers dynamic stages that’ll allow you to see changes in the time of day, weather, stage, and music during battle.


The trailer then highlights the “Mishima Saga” story parts, a key part of Tekken 7 featuring seamless transitions between cinematic movies to all-out gameplay. With it being a big focus, Tekken 7 offers ways to help out beginners enjoy the stories even without having any experience in fighting games. These features include “Story Assist” used to unleash powerful moves with the press of a button, and “Simplified Combos” which allow you to conduct combos with ease to play through the story mode.


And finally, the video covers the online modes starting with “Ranked Match” where you’ll battle other players at the same skill level and “Tournament Mode” that lets up to eight players run their own tournament battles. As for the offline modes, the game offers “Arcade Mode,” “Versus Mode,” “Practice Mode,” and “Treasure Battle” where you’ll win battles to acquire items and fight money.


Tekken 7 launches worldwide on June 2, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It releases a day earlier in Japan on June 1.

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