Tekken 7 Producer Shows The Super Slow Motion, And More On Lucky Chloe

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Fans from North America will soon get to try out Tekken 7 when it launches for arcades in the near future, but meanwhile, series producer Katsuhiro Harada shares some more information, along with a closer look at Lucky Chloe and some more gameplay footage.


At 3:13, the video demonstrates the new Super Slow Motion feature that occurs when two players have little health remaining and pull off moves at the same time, which sounds like it could create some memorable moments in big events like EVO.


Harada says that this gives it a more exciting cinematic feel, where you won’t exactly know who’ll land the hit. Sometimes they’ll both hit each other for a double-KO, or they can also both miss, and can lead to another Super Slow Motion moment on the follow-up hit.


When asked how the new character, Lucky Chloe, came to be, Harada says that the way they come up with characters vary from case to case, but for Chloe, he told his team to make a character that we haven’t really seen from the Tekken series thus far, and one that will surprise others and make them want to try out the game.



After Harada first saw Lucky Chloe, he asked whether a character like that would actually be okay, to which the designer responded by telling him “isn’t that what you wanted in the first place?”.


Next, they ask Harada where he finds his inspiration for the locations seen throughout the Tekken series. The girls ask if he gets his ideas from traveling around the world.


According to Harada, while he does travel around the world enough for work-related purposes, he says that most of his inspiration comes from fans around the world, and he looks up all kinds of requests and does further research into the areas before making them into stages.


Starting from the 10:55 mark of the video, we get to see  some Tekken 7 in action with basic combos from various characters, followed by more Lucky Chloe action at around 15:40 in the video.


Tekken 7 will be available to play in North America at Final Round 18 at Hilton Atlanta Airport in Georgia on March 20 to 22. It will also release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a later date.

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