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Tekken 7 Will Get Two New Exclusive Guest Characters From Other Games Via DLC



We already know that Akuma from the Street Fighter series is a guest character in Tekken 7, but we’ll see two more guests from other game licenses as DLC characters, according to Bandai Namco’s latest announcement.


The first batch of DLCs will come on Summer 2017 and it’ll introduce a brand-new game mode as well as over 50 new costumes. The second batch arrives in Winter 2017 and it’ll bring one of the exclusive guest character from other video games’ licenses. We’ll see the second guest character in the third batch in Spring 2018.


Both batches with new characters will also come with a special stage and special costumes for the guests. Additionally, a Season Pass will be available, and in addition to including the three DLC batches, it’ll grant buyers 35 exclusive metallic costumes.


Tekken 7 releases on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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