Tekken and Lord of Vermilion Collaborate For An April Fool’s Title



Square Enix and Bandai Namco have announced their latest collaboration title between their respective arcade titles in Lord of Vermilion and Tekken, and it’s kind of like Pokkén Tournament, but with a ridiculous amount of playable characters.


According to the announcement page, Tekken x Lord of Vermilion is a brand new arcade game fighter that uses Tekken as a base, and features popular characters from both series.



If you’re wondering how many characters, well, the game is said to feature 765 playable characters. Characters fromthe Lord of Vermilion and Tekken series are quite different, but who wouldn’t want to see Jin go up against the Mean Beast Radion?


While the game is indeed an April Fool’s joke from both companies, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see Tekken characters appear as guests in Lord of Vermilion sometime in the near future.

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