Tell The Creators Of Elsword What You Want To See In The Game Next



KOG Studios, the creator of Elsword, want to get feedback on the game from Siliconera readers.


This has come about due to the arrival of Luciel earlier this year as it marked the point that the English version of Elsword caught up with the Korean release.


You’d normally know what to expect from the game’s future content as the Korean version got it first. But now that both versions will get updates around the same time KOG has the opportunity to take your opinions into consideration when working on future content (for an overview of what’s currently available in Elsword, check out its wiki).


“Player feedback has been a cornerstone of the KOG culture and development philosophy for 15 years,” KOG told Siliconera. “Introducing an MMO, in any capacity or phase, to thousands of players has always exposed many things about a game that a small team of developers may not have seen or thought about. Feedback also provides a foundation of creative development, direction and natural game evolution that is integral to the success of any MMO.”


All that considered, here’s what you should focus your responses on: What would you like to see in a new Elsword character? And what do you think is currently missing from Elsword?

Chris Priestman