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Tempest Galahad is Dawn of the Monsters’ Ranged Character

Tempest Galahad is Dawn of the Monsters' Ranged Character

13AM Games and WayForward are working on Dawn of the Monsters, a beat’em up involving kaiju characters beating up alien opponents. As people go through it, they’ll be able to fight alone or with a friend using Aegis Prime, Ganira, Megadon, and Tempest Galahad to fight back. WayForward offered Siliconera exclusive details about Tempest Galahad, a mecha designed to fight the invading aliens. She’s the one of the four suited to area of effect attacks that foes farther away from her.

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Here’s WayForward’s official profile for Jamila Senai. Based on the background, it makes Tempest Galahad sound as though it takes inspiration from things like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Pacific Rim.

Jamila Senai was handpicked from DAWN’s training program to pilot the ATOM (Atomic Telekinetically Operated Mech) Tempest Galahad. Her high synchronicity with the unit combined with her unparalleled piloting abilities have kept her as Tempest’s only pilot. The ATOM’s Sheol-infused ranged attacks and Jamila’s tactical brilliance make her one of DAWN’s best weapons against the Nephilim threat.

Each of the Dawn of the Monsters characters falls into their own niche. While someone like Aegis Prime is swift and relies on combos, Tempest Galahad is best when attacking groups at a distance. This means her attacks are designed to help her control where she and her opponents are, as well as deal with enemies. So her Rocketheel Kick dash moves forward to hit, dealing damage and automatically letting her retreat when she’s done. Both her Delayed Detonation and Galvanic Gatling Heavy Hold attacks involve projectiles. The former uses one, while the latter involves gunshots. Her Thunderstorm Cannon Cataclysm Attack involves a burst of ranged energy as well. That hits all enemies in front of her in a line.

Here’s the Tempest Galahad Rage Attacks moveset.

  • Macroburst Shot (Cost: 2 Rage): Tempest utilizes her large cannon (Mk. XIV Ultimate Laser Cannon) to fire a long-range projectile infused with Sheol energy. It is a narrow, screen-wide attack that stuns and knocks back opponents away from Tempest. A great tool for damage and keeping your distance.
  • Boltshock Mine (Cost: 2 Rage): Tempest jumps back and tosses a mine onto the battlefield. It detonates by pressing same input used to set Boltshock Mine (with no extra rage cost). The detonation contracts the air around it, causing opponents to be pulled towards the mine. After the pull, it explodes, causing a wide burst that knocks up any opponents in the radius. Useful for crowd control and maneuvering.
  • Reload (Cost: 1 Rage): Tempest’s most important ability is also her most unique. She loads special bullets in the chamber of her cannon, but the move deals no damage itself. A bar will pop up above Tempest with a visible “sweet spot” and a moving slider. If a button is pressed when the slider overlaps with the blue bar, Tempest is awarded two bullets in the chamber. If the button is pressed any other time or if you press nothing, Tempest is awarded only one bullet. Tempest can only hold a maximum of 4 bullets in the chamber. Timing is critical to maximize the number of bullets! As for what the bullets do, they increase the offensive capabilities of certain attacks. When those attacks are used, a bullet will be spent and a powerful variant of the attack will be unleashed. The attacks that are affected are:
  • Macroburst Shot Loaded Variant (Cost: 2 Rage): Significantly increases damage and adds the shock ailment to enemies. Shocked opponents are stunned for a brief amount of time until it wears off.
  • Boltshock Mine Loaded Variant (Cost: 2 Rage): Increases damage and ionizes the area around the mine, adding the shock ailment to all opponents near the mine.
  • Heavy Hold 1 Loaded Variant: Increases damage and changes it to a multi attack that knocks opponents directly into the air for a combo.
  • Heavy Hold 2 Loaded Variant: Increases damage and pushes back opponents further away from Tempest.
  • Dash Attack Loaded Variant: Increases damage and recoil pushback. Also launches opponents across the arena, causing a wall bounce.

This is how Tempest Galahad looks in action in Dawn of the Monsters.

In case you missed it, there’s also a new story trailer. It also goes over different Dawn of the Monsters characters.

Dawn of the Monsters will come to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia in March 2022.

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