Temte Final Updates

TemTem Developer Details Final Updates, End of Microtransactions

Crema, developer of the creature-training game Temtem, released an open letter to players discussing the game’s final updates and the future of the franchise and the studio. The first of these updates is 1.7, and it is set to arrive in June, 2024, and will remove microtransactions from the game.

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The letter began with the team at Crema apologizing for confusion around the use of the term MMO to describe the game and for the failure to implement the promised API into it. After that it addressed the demand for new content and TemTem types, the team decided that the amount of player retention these updates garnered did not reflect the amount of time and effort put into them. While DLC was considered, Crema did not want to split the playerbase or introduce potential pay-to-win elements. It will instead be focusing on other projects, such as the upcoming TemTem: Swarm and Project: Downbelow. An offline mode is also not planned due to slim server costs, meaning they expect the servers to remain perpetually online.

The studio then went on to detail the upcoming 1.7 and 1.8 updates coming to the game, the latter of which is intended to be the final “feature-oriented patch.” Update 1.7 is intended to launch sometime in June 2024, and it will bring a new season, a new Tamer Pass, and remove the premium currency Novas from the game. Items previously purchasable with Novas will now be available for Feathers instead. Update 1.8 will make previous Tamer Passes available to switch between and complete to reduce “fear of missing out.”

Temtem launched out of Early Access with Update 1.0 back in September, 2022, which also brought the game to Switch and Xbox. More recently, Crema announced the development of TemTem: Swarm, a Vampire Survivors-like game hoping to launch in quarter 3 of 2024.

TemTem is available now on PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X, with the first of the final feature updates set to arrive sometime in June 2024.

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