The past two Tenchu games haven’t fared well, but Tenchu 4 should be different. Acquire, the company who developed the first Tenchu game on the PsOne ten years ago, is taking care of the latest installment. This is the first time Acquire is back on board the Tenchu series since Activision sold From Software the rights to the Tenchu brand.




The teaser trailer doesn’t hesitate to mention some of the original staff will be working on Tenchu 4 too. Change is good, but the Tenchu name has been run into the ground by the two previous games. Can the tarnished Tenchu name be revived? Japan will find out first on October 23 when Tenchu 4 is scheduled for a release. A North American date has not been announced at this time, but Tenchu 4 wouldn’t be in development if it was only for Japan.


Images courtesy of From Software.


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