Tend Your Farm During The Harsh Winter Of Melting Hearts



Melting Hearts, the sequel to Our Love Will Grow, puts players in charge of tending a farm during wintertime. It is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.




A major corporation is looking to buy up all the farmland in your town, and due to the harsh winter, people are considering it. As the player, you’ll need to come up with creative ways to make money to help the people avoid this purchase.




Players can find ancient techniques that will help them grow crops despite the snow, find places where certain fruits and veggies can grow during winter, rent their farm out to travelers, catch fish, sell furniture and unique recipes at the market, or do many other things to help raise the money they need.




Players also need to help keep tensions down with the townsfolk, meeting friends and potential soulmates along the way. Weekly parties will help keep people calm while also giving the player a chance to date or access quests.




Melting Hearts has no set release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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