Terra Battle’s Console Version Sounds Like It’ll Be More Than Just A Port



Mistwalker recently announced that their strategy RPG reached the two million download mark on mobile devices since launching last October, and creator Hironobu Sakaguchi shared a little more about the upcoming console version in an interview with Famitsu.


“When we first started the campaign called the Download Starter, there was honestly a part of me that didn’t think that it’d reach the two million downloads mark,” says Sakaguchi about Terra Battle’s accomplishment.


“Or at least, I thought it’d be an objective for much further on ahead. With those feelings, we went ahead and pledged that we’ll commence a console version’s development, but I didn’t think that it would actually happen. With no plans [for the console version] for the time being, I’m feeling a little impatient,” says Sakaguchi with a laugh.


Famitsu then asks if he could share more on the console version of Terra Battle, and ask if it’ll be a port or perhaps even a completely different RPG using characters seen in the mobile strategy RPG.


“I have no plans at all. No, really, I don’t have any,” Sakaguchi continues with a laugh. “However, I’m thinking about keeping the same vibe for the characters and the worldview. On top of that, I think we’ll start working on some trial-and-errors on whether there are other new possibilities.”


“I feel that it could be interesting if we even go with something using virtual reality, or it could also be fun if it can somehow connect to the next-generation in some way,” concludes Sakaguchi.

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