Terra Goes Trance Mode In Dissidia Final Fantasy’s Latest Arcade Trailer

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In Square Enix’s latest entry of character introduction videos for their upcoming arcade action title Dissidia Final Fantasy, Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI shows us her prowess in magic.


Terra has the ability to boost her magic attack when she’s not attacking. This might mean that she won’t be able to go around multi-casting to make it rain down spells on her enemies, but the magic attacks get more power and range.


Using this unique characteristic, Terra’s playstyle revolves around splitting time between her rapid-fire magic mode and the more powerful ranged mode that requires charging.


She can also use her EX Skill “Trance” to boost all of her stats, making it a great ability to rush down enemies while on the offense or a way to survive better while defending.


Here are the other character trailers shown thus far:


Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japan for arcade on November 26, 2015.

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