Terra Wars Gives Us A First Look At Its Strategic Gameplay System



Mistwalker shared a new video for the upcoming smartphone and PC game Terra Wars that demonstrates the basics of how its strategic battle system works.


You can check out the footage in the video below, which will only be available untile Jun 6 at 12:00pm JST:


The above video is a battle demonstration from the first closed beta test of Terra Wars. The victory requirements are simple: defeat the enemy King and you win, lose when your King is defeated. If time runs out and neither Kings are defeated, the side that defeated the most Healers and Guards will win, but if these numbers are the same as well then it ends in a tie.


You deploy characters from your deck by dragging their icons and placing them anywhere within the purple circle. The King can slowly move wherever you tap and swipe. The purple deployment area also moves alongside the King, so you’ll want to move them accordingly.


Keep in mind that you can move the King as many times as you want, and while moving the King closer to the enemy camp might be helpful for spawning allies closer to the enemy, Kings take more damage when they go out to the frontlines so there’s a good amount of risk involved.


By tapping on a Guard you can temporarily increase the Cost Meter gauge as their Guard Skill. Healers work in a similar way where you can give them a tap to activate skills. Healers are used to recover the HP of the farthest ally. Both Guards and Healers can use skills up to three times per battle, so you won’t be able to abuse these abilities.


Deck characters have skills that you can use once per deployment. You’ll know when they’re available when indicated by the down arrow on top of their head. By tapping on the character, you’ll use their unique skills. Characters have all kinds of unique skills, so you’ll want to try out different kinds to see which ones you like.


Terra Wars is in development for PC, iOS, and Android.

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