Terry And Kyo Work Together In The King of Fighters: Destiny Episode 9 “Secret”



SNK shared the latest of its CG anime series, The King of Fighters: Destiny, with its ninth episode where Terry infiltrates Geese Tower and witnesses a dreadful experiment.


Episode 9: Secret

Terry sneaks out from the KOF announcement event and successfully infiltrates Geese Tower. He witnesses a dreadful experiment in the basement of the tower. Meanwhile Geese discovers the truth behind Terry’s past and gives an “order” to Angelina.


Since we missed the previous episode, we’ve added it below:


Episode 8: Reception

Fighters come together for the KOF announcement event. Benimaru gets excited with the heated atmosphere, Athena draws the eyes of everybody in the venue, Ryo reunites with his sister Yuri, and Mai quarrels with Andy… With the KOF tournament imminent, everyone’s goals and ambitions cross here.


Catch the previous episodes below:


There’s a total of 24 episodes for The King of Fighters: Destiny.

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